Staging Accessories

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What’s your Favorite Staging Accessory?
Source: Realtor Magazine

Area Rugs. Rugs can really help you define a large space. We also use them to stage bedrooms: Plop a few pillows and a breakfast serving tray on top of a rug instead of racking up the coast of a full sized bed and accessories.

Sheer Curtains. My favorite staging accessory is a tension rod with a white sheer curtain on the windows. It dresses up the window but still allows the light in. And no tools are needed to hang the rod.

Side Tables. I love to use trunks or small suit cases in place of a side table. It adds interest because it’s unexpected but appealing to all types of buyers. I’ve had buyers actually want to purchase them when buying the home.

Timers for Lights. I work in a climate that tends toward gray days in the winter so having timers on lights really changes the first impression. During the holidays, I use battery-operated candles with timers. They come on at the same time every day, stay on for five hours, and then shut themselves off. It’s fun, festive and safe.

Fabulous Fabric. I buy fabric to coordinate with the style of the home I am staging. I cover a large framed canvas with fabric for art and headboards. I also use fabric as a colorful throw at the end of a bed or to recover a chair seat.  A little blanket edging and sewing glue finish the edges. I can make everything look coordinated with a custom appearance.

Fresh Flowers, Mirrors, and Candy. I like to use beautifully simple fresh flowers – sometimes even just one bud in a small vase in the bathroom. New the entrance to the home, I like to use a mirror that is sized to scale with the space and goes with the interior décor. Finally, I can use clear canisters in the kitchen filled with candy, such as Swedish Fish, M&Ms, or peppermints. It adds some color and a splash of fun.