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Just a quick note to thank you for a job well done helping us sell the Ashley Mews condominium. You were very professional, highly diligent and clearly correct. And, most important, You were fun to work with and obviously highly effective.

Thanks again and best regards,

Stu and Joyce Robbins



Dear Deb,

I want to tell you what a pleasure is was to work with you and Brian. You are a great complement to one another's style and pace, as well as sharp and business-like, with a can-do, unruffled manner. I was thoroughly pleased, and my experience more than met my expectations--which, as you know, can be quite high.

- T.R.



Dear Deb,
Thank you SO MUCH for being the one to sell our home with such alacrity, humanity and sanity. You are the best and if you ever need someone to say so on your behalf - we’re your guys!
Best wishes and most sincere thanks,
Gina & Gary



Deb & Reinhart Realty Team,
Thank you so much for all of your diligent work throughout our sale process. Deb, you have eorked so hard for us throughout buying and selling to ensure smooth transitions, and we can't thank you and your team enough.
Best to all!
Gabby & Sam Holtman


Working with Deb was about the best experience I could have hoped for. She knows the market, she knows what needs to be done to sell a house, she''s great to work with...in a word: happy!

- Eric H. and Michelle W.



Dear Deb,
Thank you! Thank you for selling my beloved house and exceeding my expectations. You had a plan, we followed it, and success. I am thrilled that we had an offer in four business days after the listing date and had a final offer of 10% over the asking price. And the new owners love the house as much as we did... that's the cherry on top.


Deb & Brian,
Thank you for being great friends and neighbors! Thank you also for all of your expertise. You made selling out house as easy as possible and we are very grateful. We will miss you!
Christine & Victor


We recently listed a house with Deb Stern, and have nothing but wonderful things to say about her. We were full of trepidation about this move; we were selling a large house on 10 acres that we loved and had lived in for close to 25 years (with 25 years of accumulated stuff!) and didn't know where to start. We found Deb on Yelp, interviewed her, and were quickly sure she was the right choice. She was bright and enthusiastic, explained the process clearly, and obviously loved her job.

We found her to be very professional - she treats her clients as partners, explaining her reasoning and the market at every step.  She did give us a list of things to do (and buy) to prepare our house for the market, but nothing frivolous - she emphasized that she would only ask us to invest time and money in things that would have a real pay-off, and we don't think any of it was wasted. The listing itself was beautiful, and we sold the house quickly; in three days we had an offer close to our asking price.  The sale went very smoothly (we closed early) and throughout the entire experience, Deb was available, informative and supportive.  

For us, at least, moves like this are once in a lifetime events (earlier and potential future moves do not involve the house where we raised our family). Deb made a very difficult situation tolerable, and at times even enjoyable! She is absolutely great!!

Rachel W. from Yelp


We were confronted with a difficult and distressful situation.  My 92 year old father in law called me in mid-January for assistance as he had just had an operation for a pacemaker and could no longer live in his residence.  He was in recovery and, for his safety and well-being, needed to sell his home and move to a nearby senior home.  His current home was not in the best of shape.  In the middle of a very cold winter we could not afford a facelift for the house and time was not on our side. We obviously needed a strategy to move forward.  We needed an experienced real estate agent who had the creativity to visualize an outcome and the fortitude to realize the vision.   

Enter Deb Odom Stern.  Although there were many capable agents in the area, she demonstrated creativity, confidence and concern for detail that gave us hope.  She visited the property and devised a listing strategy and a task list to get us to the market. We agreed with moving my father in law to the new residence as the traffic would have been unbearable.  

Her negotiation skills yielded a very acceptable offer and the tenacity of her closing skills led us  through a successful mid-April closing. Thanks to Deb and her team at Reinhart, my father in law has been in his new residence happily for almost three months.  I wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend Deb Odom Stern.

Aj B from Yelp



I just sold my house through Deb.  It was a difficult process, but without Deb it would have been impossible. The house had been rented out since 2006, when I moved out of state. I had the good fortune of longer-term tenants, but 8 rental years left the house looking tired and worn-out everywhere. I let go 2 agents before finding Deb.  

Deb is smart, professional, resourceful, ethical, and committed.  She plans well, communicates promptly, sets proper expectations, and executes as promised.  After some 2 months of serious facelifts - touching nearly every part of the house and yard - the house sold after only 17 days on the market, in the dead of winter.   If you have a house you want to sell, have her help you.  You will be very glad you did!!  Paula Bowman (Director of Closing Services at Reinhart) is also very good -- she will do everything she can to make sure your closing takes place without a hitch.

Johann L. from Yelp

I had a wonderful experience working with Deb to purchase my home when I relocated from Northern Michigan.  I actually found Deb on Yelp and it turned out she is amazingly thorough and helped me understand the Ann Arbor housing market and all the in's and out's of buying a home.  It was the first home I purchased on my own after my husband passed away and I really heeded a soft touch without a lot of pressure.  Deb showed me many houses and had a great sense of what would work for me.  I trust her judgement 100 percent and recommend Deb to every home purchaser, whether for their first time or for their 10th home.


Dear Deb,

Thank you for your car, the lottery tickets, and for remembering it was our 5th anniversary in our lovely house. It is all down to your help and ingenuity in getting us through the difficulties of a first time home buy, and from abroad, nonetheless! You're an amazing person and amazing realtor. We're so lucky to have found you.

We'd love to have lunch or dinner with you at Seva. It's great that it is so close to your office now. I'll be traveling until the end of September. Are you free to meet one of the first weekends in October?

Hope all is well with you!
Fran and Christopher

Dear Deb,

We just want to thank you for all your help as we went through our journey to find our house. It is hard to believe that our search is over after a 1 1/2 years (over 3 years if you count our first endeavor). We suppose the old adage is true "good things come to those who wait."

We very much appreciated your advice, flexibility and willingness to work with us as we discovered what we wanted and finally found our home. While I believe this is our "30 year home," should we ever need to, we would love to work with you again and will of course, refer. As you mentioned, I am sure we will be in touch again soon with more questions :-) Many thanks again.

-Best wishes, Dan, Katie & Eva


Our family moved from Brooklyn to Ann Arbor and had a wonderful experience with Deb. She helped us identify several neighborhoods that fit our needs, and directed us only to homes within our price range that met our criteria. We were considering a major fixer-upper on Ann Arbor's Old West Side, and Deb put us in touch with several contractors, who helped us ultimately determine the home wasn't right for us.

Deb then helped us locate a home on what she described as one of the best, most tight-knit blocks in Burns Park--which turned out to be true! We couldn't be happier, and continue to turn to Deb for advice; she's a font of knowledge about all local resources. It's worth noting that when we tell other Ann Arborites that we adore our realtor, they almost always say, "Oh, is it Deb Odom Stern?" We highly, highly recommend her.


-Los F. from Yelp

I have had the pleasure of working with Deb for the last 5 years. As the owner of a home inspection company for the last 20 years, I have a fairly decent base with which to judge Realtor's agenda's. Deb Odom Stearn is easily one of the most impressive realtors I've worked with. Who better to refer a realtor than an experienced home inspector? I own this company and choose the realtors I want to work with.

Deb is a people oriented realtor, their satisfaction is paramount. I'm no expert but I've learned the most effective realtor's are not money motivated, take a sincere interest in their clients, care for them to find the proper home, or get the best deal as a lister and compensation just follows, most money motivated agents are short term agents. I value the fact that Deb include's us in her inspector referrals, she is a rare bird in the real estate business and her success is certainly no surprise. I would never fail to refer her to anyone selling or buying a home, Shamrock has a limited referral list, Deb is high on our list. Continued success Deb, we should all enjoy our professions as you do yours!

-John Shea

Deb is a thoughtful, knowledgeable, and responsive agent who truly is committed to helping her clients find the best house for them, on their timetable, and within their budget.  Deb worked with us for 10 months to find and purchase the perfect house (for us) in Burns Park.  She was ready to go at a moment's notice when we wanted to look at a house, and dropped everything to get the deal done late one Thursday night when we had finally found our home.  Finally, her detailed knowledge of the Ann Arbor market saved us from over-paying thousands of dollars at closing when she caught and fixed an error by the title company.  Highest possible recommendation.

Dear Deb,

Thank you so much for working so hard to help us buy our first home. We know it wasn't the easiest process and we appreciate you sticking with us. We love our house and are having a fabulous time cleaning it up and making it our own. You'll have to stop by once we're all moved in and settled!  

-Kate and Denton

When our Mother told us to sell our Burns Park home, my sister suggested we interview a good number of Realtors in order to sell the home our family had lived in since 1967. To do this, I searched and found the top 18 Ann Arbor Realtors who had the best Internet representation.  A number refused to participate in the meetings (they saw our approach as upsettingly unconventional) and only Deb Odom Stern seemed excited about the process we were using.  After in depth interviews with 12 Realtors who represented the best in Ann Arbor, we chose Deb Odom Stern for the following reasons:


  1. She was not an advocate of spending a lot of money (some wanted us to spend $75,000 plus) to get the house ready and seemed to find the middle ground of making the home presentable, but quickly ready for sale.  I liked her approach because it seemed many of the Realtors were anxious for us to spend this money (which would in effect also increase their own commissions).

  2. A number of our neighbors recommended her (without us knowing we were considering her). 

  3. Deb Stern seemed to have the best and most logical suggestions of what the home was worth, how to price it competitively, with an eye toward maximizing return.

  4. Deb argued convincingly that the market would then react quickly to the price charged and we should know, from the response, what do adjust, if necessary.  

  5. The positions she took on what we should do she defended clearly, without backing down when we felt differently.  She did not vacillate in order to get our listing. 

The emptying of the home and getting it ready was a task my family jumped into but will not be remembered with great fondness since tearing away 40 years of family history is extremely overwhelming.  Yet, we were driven by Deb Stern to make the home something that would inspire dreams.   What will be remembered fondly is the encouragement Deb offered to us in her endless visits to the home.  Deb gave us very clear systematic suggestions on exactly what to do, what not to do, who to work with, what colors to use, and she added many little finishing touches. She helped to motivate and inspire the whole team of tradesmen who got the house ready and she even inspired the photographer who took the pictures of the home once we were done.  All this well within the budget we had hoped for. 

Her teams beautiful virtual tour and vast Internet listings got us many scheduled tours (sometimes 4 per day).  Within one week we had two solid offers, one over $25,000 of our asking price. Deb explained all the details of the offer, acceptance and closing and was with us every step of the way.  Deb Stern then granted two dreams: our family, to quickly sell our house to a new growing family and this new family, buying the home of their dreams. 

Please feel free to call or e-mail me at any time for other details as to why Deb Odom Stern should be your Realtor too for both listing and finding a home.

Royd Buchele

We had the privilege of working with Deb Odom Stern first when we were buying a house in Ann Arbor, then when we sold it six years later. Deb was impressive from start to finish. She is the consummate professional: always prepared and readily responsive to our many questions about the buying and selling processes. We got a great price on our home when we bought it, and an even better price when we sold it. I highly recommend her services.

-Fiona G. from Yelp


You've become our emotional sherpa, carrying our baggage along the journey towards and unimaginable quest, the "perfect home." We truly value all that you do.

-Jimmy & Aviva


You were incredibly helpful in the sale of my husband's house (since we consolidated households over to "my" house in Loch Alpine). You are organized. You have good decor taste. You offer just the right amount of communications. You hustle. I knew I wanted to use you as a realtor when I first met you at an open house several years before we needed a realtor. I knew there was a reason I kept your name and number for years. It was well worth the call to follow up with you years later. We sold Michael's house in, what, a matter of two weeks ... for practically full price ... and for cash. Can't beat that!

I have a friend in Novi who wants to sell their house there and look for something in Ann Arbor. In fact, I just got back from lunch with her. I'm not sure if she has a realtor yet, but I will pass along your information to her for if/when she does. And I'll keep you in mind for other potential clients.

-Lisa Pappas

Deb Odom Stern came highly recommended to us as we were searching for the perfect agent to help us find our dream home in Ann Arbor. We were initially a bit worried because we were trying to navigate the market from Princeton NJ and we quickly realized that house hunting is super competitive in Ann Arbor. Over a friendly but efficient introductory phone call, Deb was able to prioritize our needs, review the market availability and immediately match our desires with a perfect and available house. Moreover, Deb helped ensure that the entire process was essentially effortless - from negotiating with the seller, to finding a trustworthy loaner, to fully arranging the details of closing.

Overall, we could not have been more satisfied and impressed with our experience. And after a year in our home, we are even happier than expected. We give our highest recommendation for Deb Odom Stern (and have many times already) as the best person to help you find your perfect home!

Thank you  does not even come close to expressing our gratitude for guiding us through the process of acquring our new home. You were terrific, thoughtful, and patient with us. 

-Denise & Bruce


Thank you for all that you did to find a home for us.  It was real pleasure to work with you; we felt that you dealt with us professionally, kindly and graciously.  We look forward to working with you in the future to make our new house even better than it is.
- Fiona & Will 


We want to thank you for your unflagging optimism and professionalism, your admirable cool under pressure, and your incredible knowledge of the market and the process.   Even through the rough parts (in fact, particularly through the rough parts), we couldn't have asked for a better guide. Thank you very much.
- Kerry & Mark


It's been so wonderful to meet you, to work with you, and we look forward to raising a glass of Pimm's with you!

- Fran & Christopher

Deb -

Thank you SO much for all of your hard work!  We could never have done this without you!
- Christine, Victor, Emilia, & Bella


Thank You!  Deb I will be forever grateful for your guidance and positive energy in helping me find a home that feels just right.  Hope this adds cheer to your home this winter.


 - Barbara Frank


I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for all of your help in selling our house.  We are very lucky that it sold so fast and grateful for your time and dedication.  I'm glad we chose you.  I know that we made the right choice.  Thanks. 


- Mike & Kathy Doyle

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